Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bolt (Movie Review)

Walt Disney did it again. And this time, it's a whole new kind.

Since the history of film making and 3d animation, many have attempted to release and produce movies primarily intended for kids and family alike. And this has become the trend since then. And I have been one of those fans. But as I grew up, I learned about the technical aspects involved and started seeing things in a different light. Where some of the movies that amazed me before became a point of critique on my part. And up to this time, I can only remember two animated movies that has touched my heart and gave me some real life lessons to live on. "Kung Fu Panda" and "Bolt", both of which are inmeasurable and incomparable. But I'll take this moment to talk about the latter.

Bolt, unlike any other animated films out there, has a heart in its own. Sometimes, there are movies where it kept you laughing because you had people beside you to laugh with, or because you were somehow psychologically obliged to, but I tell you, when I watched Bolt, I was alone, and I kept laughing like a crazy monkey. It exceeded my initial expectation of the movie. On a technical perspective, there had been some glitches on how some characters interact, but that's beyond the point. The whole focus of the movies produced by these animation companies is the story, beyond anything else. And it did work, it did. This is the kind of film that will have you seated and make you cry with joy every minute of the movie.

The sound effects scores 10/10, graphics 9/10, and story 10/10. No movie has ever made me this happy and excited.

To those of you who haven't watched the movie yet, go buy your copy, or better yet, buy yourself a ticket and watch in on the big screen.

Until the next time I see you, Bolt.

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