Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Devices!

I have been net-absent for about 2 weeks already and I'm so glad I'm back to normal. Though those 2 weeks seemed like eternity for me. It's like entering a magical room of learning where two weeks of learning would normally take a year outside.

Getting back home from a 7-hour ride, I'm happy to report some great news. First of which is me having a new Genius G-Pen 340 Pen Tablet, it's smaller than I thought, but I can compensate for the size for now, and I'm hoping my drawing needs would be much easier now since I won't have to carefully and steadily draw with my mouse. I also bought my self a new black a4tech keyboard, just got sick of my old whitish keybooard which ruined my computer dark theme for some reason and I feel much comfortable with this new keyboard, applying only a small amount of force avoiding having repetitive strain injury.

Until my next updates! ^_^

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