Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tablet Setup Successful

WeeeEeee! I finally got my Genius Tablet working under Ubuntu Interpid Ibex.  It was quicker than I thought.  In Windows, that would have taken me like an hour, figuring out this and that, unplugging, plugging, etc. I don't know why it happens and probably doesn't know how to workaround in Windows, but my tablet just acts abnormally. Whenever I'm in GIMP and I activate the device, my mouse (literally it's buttons) deactivates itself from within GIMP.  I dunno why though. O_o  I'm really into Ubuntu right now.  Hopefully, I could get the hang on using this device until new year.

Thanks so much to Felix Leong for his friendly and informative guide on how to setup the tablet. ^_^

You can find the post here >

Below was a quick test I did.

And my GIMP screeny:


ragingmon said...

Glad your lovin the ubuntu!

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