Monday, January 26, 2009

Camera Focus Check Function

I have been disappointed recently with some of my unfocused shots. Since looking over my tiny LCD would tell me they are fine (in a very reduced scale), but zooming over the entire image would show an amount of blur due to unfocused subjects. I have been figuring out how to zoom my view in realtime. And during our photoshoot with my friend, I realized I could overcome this by using digital zoom and checking over the focus of the subjects in manual focus mode, but since my camera's button for digital zoom is far from my shutter button, there's a great tendency of misplacing my subject, that's what I have been using until just now.

I discovered a function in my camera that solves exactly the problem I'm having. It's called the "focus check function" which is only a couple of centimeters away from the shutter button. It zooms the center part of my image to check the focus. But I have only achieved so after setting my EVF/LCD frame rate to 30fps from 60fps. The 30 frames per second difference didn't matter at all to me, since I don't need to have a smoothly animated view on my screen/viewfinder, what I need is a sharp, crisp focus.

Using manual focusing, photometry modes, and focus check, I'm more than happy with Akita (my camera) right now. ^_^

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