Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Gift-giving

It's been awhile since I last updated my blog that is outside art/photography. This might seem too late as of the date of the event, but it's better late than none at all.

Last December 26, 2008, just after Christmas Day, me and my family held a small gift-giving and feeding program (if it's the right term) for the indigent children around our area, but apparently, not only kids were involved but some parents and grandparents as well. We do this event every 26th of December for the sole reason of making other people happy and making them feel the season despite their stature in life. This had been the happiest of all the gift-givings we've had. So many people were here and everyone left with a happy smile on their faces.

It's so heart-warming and touching to see these kids laugh and appreciate what we've done for them, and their cutest "Thank you, po" is the most satisfying of all. One group of children even had their dance steps prepared for that day and watching them simply puts a tender smile on my face and I tried to feel what these kids had in mind during that time. Though most of them haven't had their noche buenas or even just a plate of food to eat on the Eve of Christmas, I'd hope that small offering we did for them was enough to make their hearts smile and be grateful of their lives and the people around them.

Below are the photos I took with my phone (which my dad gave me):

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Ymhon said...

wow ang bait nyo naman... nakakatuwa and not everyone can do this to others...