Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Animate animate...

It's been almost two months and a half since I started doing serious animation under a company and looking back to my days of "carefree" animation and tests, I can say I have learned a lot! And each time I wake up in the morning (most of the time inside the office where I sleep overnight), I'm getting too excited on what's gonna happen next or what new techniques and workarounds I could learn until the end of the day or until I go to bed. I have never loved work as far as this job is concerned, not only am I comfortable in what I do, but the learning curve is so fluid that I could not fall out of balance at all. There were times I've had some frustrations and paranoia but after a cup of hot chocolate or a pee or even a simple arm stretch outside the office, I'm rolling again.

One of the best tips I've seen and heard through my past experiences was "surround yourself with people greater than you", and that's exactly what's happening right now, though on a different genre and themes, but in a way the same. I now realize why that is so important. Not only can you directly learn and interact in some ways or another, but subconsciously, you start to imbibe some habits and styles that your other co-workers do to improve their work or to simply enhance their day-to-day skills.

So what more can I say? Animation sure rocks! And I'm loving every second of it. Though I really do hope I could show you some of the things I have done here, that is, if I'm permitted to in due time.

Until next time. Stay happy and fit! ^_^ (drink a lot of chocolate)

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wa.. naiiyak aku.. sa tuwa :>