Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blender's Powerful Procedural Textures!

So it is indeeeeeed possible! I've been looking at the Stuart Little DVD we have here and I was amazed and was self-pitying at the same time at the leather/fabric texture they had on his clothes and pants and I was simply concluding, "It's an image texture, they might have a department doing those kinds of texture stuffs." But even if that was true, still I was able to find out that Blender it its humble state is capable of achieving such effects with a neat use of plugins. And it isn't an image so I need not worry about stretching, seams, whatsoever, which I'm very sick of.

All thanks to Wes Burke and the Vimeo Tutorial he uploaded at

Thank you thank you thank youuuu so much! *boogie*


Radialronnie said...

hmm, that's weird, but the voice in the video really sounds like Jonathan Williamson!

reynante said...

Radialronnie: HmmMmm, I guess it is Jonathan afterall. ^_^'