Monday, June 1, 2009

Board Exam

Oh man, oh man, the nearer it gets, the more excited and ecstatic I become. My girlfriend's gonna take the Nursing Board Exam this coming June 6th and with all my heart and being, I am deeply wishing for her success. If only I could be there to cheer her up and to ease her during the examination, I would gladly do so. But I guess all I could probably do right now is to keep on making her feel better before the test day comes.

Let's all wish for her success and who knows I might call you up for party out afterwards? Hehehe! ^_^

To my girlfriend, goodluck! I know you could do it. Don't feel the pressure, feel the excitement. From the deepest roots of my hearty heart heart, I LOOOOOVE YOU SO MUCH! =*

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