Friday, August 28, 2009

Life Story

Just a few hours ago, something emotionally struck me and made me realize something in life.  My friend was telling us a story, a chapter of his life experience, a loss.  A loss of a loved one.  The story felt so heavy and it almost left me crying.

I just wanted to tell you all that life is not about how fast you get there, nor how many times you spend together, it's about why you'll be there and how you spend time together.  Every moment now might seem a bit rough between the two of you, or you're just spending time just for the sake of it.  Nothing hurts so much than to lose the one you love the most, by lost, I mean for eternity, lost from this world.  So while you still have time, tell them how much you need, love, and appreciate them.  Show them how much they mean to you.  Because you never know, this might be the last time you'll ever see him/her talk and hold you again.


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