Friday, December 25, 2009

Some Canine Pics

Hi there again! It seems I haven't lived up to my own promise of uploading pictures of our puppies every month.  But then, unexpected things happen (mostly hardware related [which sucks the most]).

Anyways, here are some selected pics of our dogs (only 3 out of 7).


BlackRogueDreams said...

It should be Canine not Feline. Felines are cats not dogs.

wysiwyg said...

i think you mean canine pictures. feline means cat, not dog.

Anonymous said...

Those are Canines, Felines are cats.

reynante said...

Oh crap! I'm very very sorry for the wrong titling. Yikes! Sorry, I meant "Canine" not "Feline". I freaked out when I realized I typed it wrong. Sorry guys. ^_^