Monday, August 9, 2010

Boids Boids Boids Node Breakdown

Hi, here's a composite node breakdown of the recent particle test I did wit Blender 2.53. The .blend file will be available in the article that it is written on. I'll update you through posts once it's available.

Thanks for viewing! ^_^

Bonus: .blend file >


RH2 said...

could I see the .blend? :)

reynante said...

RH2: It will be available soon once the article is up. ^_^

motorsep said...

damn, it is so cool! Love it! 5 stars from me.

Lyle said...

What does selective glow mean?

THanks for bloging this, Its reallly fun to see how its supposed to be done!

reynante said...

Lyle: You're welcome. I just named it "selective glow" so it doesn't sound too technical as compared to the ID/Object Pass that it is. It's basically telling Blender to only affect some objects that I have assigned an ID to. In this case, I chose the glowing sphere only, then overlaid a glow to just that, and not affecting any other elements on the view.