Friday, October 8, 2010



When one day you find the person who will appreciate you despite your whims, who will hug you tight and wrap you around her arms when you're mad, who will softly kiss you when you're upset, who will forgive you after breaking her heart, who will try to comprehend your inexplicable thoughts, who taps you on the back on your greatest life achievements, who is there when you felt cold, and someone who loves you unconditionally, try your best to keep her and for the least part, love her with all that you have. And finally, find reasons to make her stay.

To my lady, I love you so much! Thank you for making me this happy and for always keeping me warm and calm. All that I am now and all that I will ever be is because of you. This road that we're driving now wouldn't have existed without you whispering words of love to me. This space that we exist in wouldn't have expanded without you occupying it. You are not my world, you are not my star, not my galaxy... You are my universe. And I love you for the nebulae you posses, the black holes you possess, and with the changes you make, I'll always be the energy binding you up together.

This life has always been so complicated but you make it all look so cute and simple.

From the deepest depths of my existence, I love you so much!



Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Im happy for you!

Aditia A. Pratama said...

Well, nice to read your feeling :D