Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Package Arrived!

Remember Akita, my Fujifilm Finepix S9600? Two years ago, I wrote a blog post here introducing her. You can check the post here http://reynantem.blogspot.com/2008/12/meet-akita.html. Sadly, just a few months ago, she started malfunctioning so bad that I couldn't turn her on already.

And since that incident happened, I haven't been shooting lately, partly because it was too sad on my part. But I regained my composure once more and positively thought of investing for a new camera, this time a DSLR, as opposed to my previous one which is a prosumer camera. With this in mind, I can extend my photography horizon and even widen my perspective on photography. But I'm not leaving Akita dead there, we'll have him fixed and I'll pass it on to my siblings.

And just a few hours ago, my package arrived! It's a Nikon D5000 kit with 18-55mm VR lens. Thanks so much to David Angelo Bornilla (http://www.dbgadgets.multiply.com) and his wonderful team for the prompt responses, polite approaches, and patient transaction. If it wasn't for him and his team, I wouldn't have been able to afford to buy this new camera. They provide quality products at very low prices (though I wonder if they do international shipping or just here in the Philippines). And did I mention the transaction is blazingly fast? Yes, you heard me. I got the package in only not less than 24 hours and in very good shape. So if you're interested in buying some gadgets for yourself or for friends and family, I highly recommend them. Very reliable and accurate. Go check them at http://www.dbgadgets.multiply.com.

In the meantime, I'm taking this free time off of work to read the user manual. And of course, I wouldn't let you leave without seeing some images, would I? Check out the images below (excuse them for their noise, it was taken with my phone).

I name her "Naomi".


Legendaro said...

Welcome back again to the world of Photography. :)
Sayang, I can recommend you to buy d3100. Features are than the d5000 (in terms of low-light and shooting videos). But anyways, as artists say, still a masterpiece will come out not from the tool but from behind it. Hoping to see more of your photographs (and especially your cute puppies which now, I think, big dogs already.hehehe)

reynante said...

Actually, that was my other option. However, I read over on the reviews and unbiased sensor rankings that D5000 still beats D3100 in terms of sensor performance and quality (most especially on the dynamic range side).


Anonymous said...

hai everybody,
I am chindu,
I am planing to buy a new DSLR.
I am realy confusion about buying CANON 500D or NIKON D3100.Which one will be better?,plase give me some suggestions about this.
thanks in advance....

reynante said...

Hi, Chindu. Personally (and hopefully unbiased), I would recommend you get the Nikon D3100 for so many reasons I couldn't quite enumerate. However, if you were to choose between Canon 550D and Nikon D3100, there would be difficulty between choosing which, and it will really depend on your personal preference and budget.

For in-depth reviews and comparisons, I suggest you head over to these links and list down the things of importance to you (probably list also the features that make you want to buy a dslr).




Though as of this writing, it's very difficult (if there are) to look for an in-depth review of Nikon D3100 yet since it just came out on the market a few months ago, making it still vulnerable to rigorous testing.