Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Love Note to Carla

Warning: Non-Blender and Non-GIMP related.

Carla, my baby girl, I know this might sound too cheesy and irrelevant, even more so I'm writing this out of the blue, not our anniversary, nor a special occasion, but since every hour of my life with you is a dream come true, it feels like everyday is indeed our anniversary and a valentine's day.

It has been 5 years of momentous living with you and everytime I think back on it, I couldn't help myself but to fall in love with you even more. Each day that I spend thinking of you brings so much energy to my existence, inspiring me to keep moving forward and to think positively of all the things around us.

I just want to let you know that no matter how far I may be, no matter how busy I might become, you will always stay in my heart and in my thoughts, and most probably somewhere in my hypothalamus, but needless to say, I really really love you with all my heart and my well-being.

This might really sound weird, but an inch that you're away from me feels like miles apart, then I'm missing you so much already. I know it's near to impossibility that you'd always be here by my side.

What I really wanted to say from the start of this litany is that I love you sooooooo much! Too bad there's nothing more superlative in form than that, because if there were any, I would have exploited the phrases more often.

I never thought that I could be in my current disposition right now. And I owe it all to you for giving me the confidence and the strength to believe in myself. Just when I am to give up, you hold my hand and help me stand up again.

You are my dream girl, my goddess, and my best friend. Thank you so much, for being there, for holding on, and for simply being you. The lessons you taught me are priceless.

I love you so much! *drum roll* And I love you even more. ^_^


Carla R said...

This letter is so BEAUTIFUL!!! you can tell that you really love this girl you can tell how much she means to you and that shes the girl of your dreams!!! it reminds me of how me and my bf are but were still young and have a long way to go... i hope we can make it. Wish you guys the best and you guys are meant to be :) she's your other half the one you cant live without dont let her go ever..

Carla R said...

this is a really BEAUTIFUL letter. i was on the enternet looking up just random love quotes and i came across your blog. i started reading it and when i came to the end i knew how much you really do love this girl. i may not know you but by just reading this letter i knew. that is something that is really amazing the love that you have for that girl and for yourself. how you guys are madly in love and dont let anything get in the way of it. it reminds me alot of how me and my bf are, we are alot younger and have a long ways to go but its something i believe can last forever but only God knows and you can never loose hope! I wish you guys nothing but the besst and you guys will always be together because the love you guys have is true and meant to be..<3