Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blender 2011 Siggraph Demo Reel

At long last, Mike Pan was able to post online the glitch-free version of the Blender Demo Reel that was presented at 2011 Siggraph.  It contains works from fellow Blender artists around the world.  I'm very happy that Blender is slowly moving in to the industry and is being recognized for.

Thanks so much to Mike Pan for the inclusion. ;)

Watch the video below:

Credits go to (in order of appearance):
  • Andre Baran
  • Ian Hubert
  • ProMotion Studios/RedCartel
  • Ethan Luo
  • Sylvain Moisset
  • Blender Foundation
  • Olivier Amrein
  • Ovni VFX
  • Mike Pan
  • Mariusz Kaczmarek
  • Alexander Zubkov
  • Oscar Baechler
  • Rogerio Perdiz
  • Lee Salvemini
  • Pudu Pudu Studio
  • Jesus A. Olmos
  • Angela Guenette
  • Oliver Villar
  • Mox Studios
  • Martins Upitis
  • Vitor Balbio
  • Miklos Falvay
  • Milk Animation and Design
  • Daniel Widmann
  • Andrew Price
  • UBC Fisheries Centre
  • Institute of Clinical Physiology (ICN)
  • George (Dong Hoon) Kim
  • Martins Upitis
  • Pepe School Land
  • Endre Barath
  • Anniina Pykari et al.
  • L. Gogol
  • Reynante Martinez (yours truly ^_^)
  • Erik Jansson

Have fun!


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