Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunshine, a Blender Short

Hi, everyone! I'm back again after a tad blog absence.  I'm happy to present you my latest 'sort-of-short', created entirely with Blender 2.5, with help from GIMP and Audacity.

I definitely learned a lot during the production of this short, much of which I could've done differently.  But    like any other projects I do, I realized it too late and couldn't go back; I could, in fact, but it will definitely eat up my time.  So I called it quits and moved on.  I'm hoping you will all like it.  And as usual, I'd love to hear what you think of it, the more constructive, the more I'd appreciate. ;)

Thanks so much to my girlfriend, with which I dedicate this to, for inducing me with the creative juices that had me hooked for quite a long time (or so I felt).

I'm hoping I could be fueled by the same, if not better, creative juices again, and come up with another short (with a better story this time).  But who knows.

For now, I'll take 3 minutes of your life.  Fullscreen highly suggested.  Enjoy!

You can also view the still image version here http://reynantem.blogspot.com/2011/10/sunshine-still.html

And the breakdown video here http://reynantem.blogspot.com/2011/10/sunshine-breakdown.html

Thank you so much to Aniboom for the feature http://reynantem.blogspot.com/2011/11/sunshine-featured-at-anibooms-channel.html


Anonymous said...

Great work Reyante. I always love the compositing work you do on your animations and the warm feeling they have.

Anonymous said...

Very very nice short, but there is an error in the credits. the site is soundsnap.con and not sounsnap.com

Anonymous said...

ehm... I mean soundsnap.com :-)

Anonymous said...

Cool! Hey Reynante what is the render engine? Cycles, Yafaray?


Reynante Martinez said...

ben: Hey, Ben! Thanks a lot, man.

Anonymous: Oh crap! Yes! It is misspelled! Yikes. Thanks for noticing, pal, I'll do the edits right away.

Anonymous: The render engine I used is Blender's Internal renderer.

Israel PĂ©rez Quintana said...

hey man this is incredible and atmospherical,the dust, the shiny textures everything... your node work its enviable.

Sabrina Morales said...

I loved the beating heart!! very beautiful short, congrats!