Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blender Viewport Shading Question


Build used: http://graphicall.org/45

I recently noticed that this option only appears whenever I have Cycles Add-on enabled (using a Cycles build).  What I think it does is it shows you a material preview on your viewport instead of just seeing the default 'Viewport Color' as shown under the 'Settings' subcontext under 'Material'.  As far as what I can see, the 'Material Viewport Shading' reflects what you have as 'Surface Color'.  However, I am not 100% sure if this is really the case.  If anybody could confirm, I'd appreciate it. :)

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Hi, everyone!

I noticed recently this new (or was I too outdated to even notice?) 'Material' viewport shading (see screenshot below).  Clearly, what is this used for? I regularly use Textured, Shaded, and Wired, and was wondering if 'Material' has a better option elsewhere.

I'd love to hear your opinion. ;)



Alternicity said...

I don't know but could it be cycles materials?

Greg said...

You're using cycles?

dipingo said...

Short answer is, it is to view Materials in GLSL. I have a video on those options here.


See if that helps.

giankitax said...

well i have no idea but i notice that my everyday blender dont have that option, but I have 2 diferent versions Blender-Cycles and they have the option... I dont know if is because blender cycles is always older....o.O but the true is that I have no idea

Chris said...

What version(/build) are you using? Are you using any extra addons?

Because I don't have this in my 2.60 from blender.org

Reynante Martinez said...

Chris: Daniel Salazar has mentioned it has something to do with Cycles. I'll have to check on that. :)

onjoFilms said...

I think it's just an option to view faces, objects in the viewport differently.
So for example, if you have two shades of Chrome, you could viewport one blue and the other red. So you can tell the difference when applying shaders to different parts of an object.

onjoFilms said...

Nevermind. I thought you were talking about something else.