Monday, July 2, 2012

Losing 'Something' Valuable

Last week, Friday, June 29, 2012, I lost my wallet on my way home from the mall after purchasing a 25 lbs kettlebell; whether I was a victim of pickpocketing or careless handling, it doesn't matter, what matters most is I learned a ton of things when I got my composure back after the shocking incident.  Included in the wallet are all my identification cards, ATM cards, love letters (*smiles*), pictures, business cards, receipts, name it.  Well now I wonder how everything fit inside. ;)

No regrets.  I did so for the first few hours of introspection but not long enough to make me suffer and deal more unnecessary pain.  Afterall, that's how life is, shit happens and you have to accept the fact (if there's nothing else you can do about it and all effort has been made possible).  I could list here all the valuable lessons I learned but that would bore the hell out of you; for now, fill-in the blanks.

Coincidentally, last week, just a couple of hours before the incident happened, I uploaded an artwork titled 'All is Well', you can check it here

Coincidence? No.  Just balance, my friend.  That's a universal truth.

Back to zero.  It's true, sometimes, when you lose something important, it feels great.  I equate it to starting from scratch again, where I put the pieces into place, not 'back'.  Somehow, the disconnection from the adult life's complexities has induced a natural joy deep within me.  I learned to take credit to the things I currently 'have' and the people I share my 'bare' life with, the people who make me truly happy and fulfilled. 'Barenaked', so to speak, but contented.

Thank you. Among all the people I will eventually forget to mention, I am giving my pitch black deepest sincere gratitude to Carla, my girlfriend and my future wife, my family, Rommel, my older brother, ate Maya, Sir Hannu and Ma'am Pirjo for the unconditional support the night the trajedy happened, and to my close friends.  You helped me survive.

Whether the items will be brought back to me in complete piece or not, it doesn't matter anymore.  I have been 'renewed' in a cosmological sense.  Life is great - that's the least adjective I could ascribe it to, if there's something better to describe it, be my guest.

I am happy.  We all are.


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