Wednesday, August 29, 2012


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“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” -Dale Carnegie

Made with: Blender 2.63 and GIMP
Rendered with: Cycles

BlenderArtists thread:

Texture references:

flickr users: David Wright, Raphael Quinet


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Diego ~ Ewan Thot said...

This is really good. Nice modeling on the fetus.

Vincent Bacalso said...

hey, reyn i believed you're a Filipino right? you've been always one of my inspiration since I'm also Pinoy, so mag tatagalog na rin lang ako, heheh, question ko lang, self-taught ka ba? And if yes, how do you motivate yourself constantly? (Kasi in my situation, it's so lonely na walang masyadong nag.aaral ng 3D dito sa Cebu. Isa rin yan sa nakakpa-motivate diba kung marami kang kasama?) Anyway best regards and keep it up Reyn :D

Unknown said...

Hi, Vincent!

Thank you so much for the uplifting words.

Yes, I'm also Pinoy and a self-taught artist in that regard. I hope you don't mind if I reply with English, just so our fellow readers could understand us as well.

To tell you honestly, motivation and inspiration is one of the most difficult aspects of being an artist. You might have all the tools you need and a complete arsenal of such, but it's the 'push' that is constantly difficult to get.

I do have a few friends whom I can share ideas with, but it's not a handful of people. Where I gather my inspiration comes from my daily observations of life itself and the emotions I feel through the existing factors I'm presented with.

I've been struggling with that before, even to the point I almost gave up and quit. But then I got back on my feet and the rest was history.

One tip I could also share with you is to create something that speaks (well, that's for you to find out). A visually-stunning artwork that knocks your socks off is a heavenly sight, but after a while, you start to wonder what story it tells. If you create something with content, you're writing a book that is constantly giving birth to itself, creating more stories you wouldn't even imagine existed.

Thanks for your time, Vincent. :)


Vincent Bacalso said...

Wow! thanks for all Reyn, i'll be keeping it as a constant reminder, thanks again :D

Marina Liberman said...

You are very good!! I love photoshop but I should do classes to improve