Friday, September 28, 2012

Book Review: Blender 3D Basics

A few weeks back, Packt Publishing gave me the opportunity to review one of their latest Blender books titled 'Blender 3D Basics' by Gordon C. Fisher, and I'm very thankful that I've had to experience this and be able to immerse myself in Gordon's well-thought elaborations and teachings.

To begin with, I honestly didn't think I'd be able to keep up with the book at first, but that changed as I progressed towards the chapters.

The cover art, with respect to the artist, needs in my opinion, more work, since as far as I'm concerned, this book should stretch out and attract new users into grabbing a copy of the book and be enticed by it, not solely by reviews and recommendations, but by the temptation you visually get from the artwork it is presented with.

However, as I delved deeper and started taking the book seriously, I was amazed by the plethora of styles it has. The in-depth exploration and discussion of Blender's interface, theories, and the like is such a very admirable aspect of this book. The book also extends further the range of information by providing you with very useful links, majority of which I really found helpful and most of which I personally bookmarked for future reference. Additionally, the post-chapter reviews are very helpful in case you wound up lost and uncertain on some of the chapters (which I highly doubt you would).

I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to dive into Blender, especially to beginners. But it extends even to those who are already experienced by refreshing concepts and introducing new and (hopefully) better methods of doing things the Blender way, which are, in fact, not very obvious even to this date.

With all that said, I wish I could've read this book a couple of years ago when I was on the verge of dilemma in learning Blender and in trying to comprehend all the tutorials that were only available back then.

Have a go, hero!


PacktPub link:
Language : English
Paperback : 468 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : June 2012
ISBN : 1849516901
ISBN 13 : 9781849516907
Author(s) : Gordon C. Fisher


LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate



If I were you, I'd definitely add this book to my collection of Blender guides and library, it is a very valuable and important guide you should never really miss!

Thanks for taking your time on reading my ramblings. ;)


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