Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Title: Home

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." -Albert Einstein

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This has been lying dormant on my hard drive for almost four months now and I decided to finally submit it.

Very much inspired and influenced by the vast amount of architectural renders I am awed with, by the absurdity of freedom, by my older brother Rommel's sharing, and by faint memories of my childhood.

Here a version with the quote:

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And a night version:

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Created with: Blender 2.64, Darktable, and GIMP
Rendered with: Cycles

Texture references:

flickr users: drew avery, donielle, dbaron, Raphael Quinet, David Wright

Thank you so much to Brecht Van Lommel for the bug fixes on the reports I submitted, he's a savior! My thanks goes to Floren Marc Bautista too for some modeling tips. :D

Thanks for viewing.  I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions for future artworks to come.


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1 comment:

Greg Zaal said...

Love the night version :)
A little too much dirt on the lens this time I think