Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Desk


Huge thanks to Bart of BlenderNation for the inspiration which has lead me to improve my desk (though not that noticeable).  Lighting in real life can have its challenges. ;)

(click to enlarge)
I've been inspired by a post by Bart of BlenderNation recently that I decided to take a photo of my desk (still work in progress).

So to those of you wondering and curious what the behind-the-scene looks like (apart from the other room which has my rendering machine), here it is:

(click to enlarge)

Sorry for the bad quality, I had to turn the sampling down a tad bit. ;)

Thanks for your time!



Gaurav Nawani said...

Heh heh reyn I like the way you made your own heat dissipators from wood ingenuity ;)

Alexis Rillera said...

tidy and very clean. mine got strange objects.

Alexis Rillera said...

tidy and very clean. mine's got an embarrassing, strange arrangement. n_n;

Reynante Martinez said...

Gaurav: If only our room had an airconditioner. ;) But still, those wood chunks do come in handy.

Alexis: Thanks, sir! I'd love to see yours as well.