Sunday, January 25, 2009

PinoyBlender Development

It has already been a year already since we started up PinoyBlender User Group or most commonly known as PBUG. I'm so amazed at how fast the growth had been and how active the members have become. It was born with a committed heart and a serving hand. I'd just like to take this time to thank each and everyone who made PBUG a great success and who shared their thoughts on anything and everything. To the members who continually support the user group, to guests who add traffic, and of course to the untiring and dedicated administrator, thank you so much!

Right now, we're busy setting up new threads and discussions to involve even a greater number of audience and of course we're planning something for each and everyone of you, with a heart of a Filipino.

To those of you wondering up to this point, what the hell is PinoyBlender, go check our website at and there you'll see a bunch of topics, threads, etc. But first off, I suggest you read our info just so you know what we are. Thanks.

Your truly,

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