Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm becoming more and more engrossed with photograpy that I can't finish a day without having to press the shutter button and tell a story through a photograph. I would even have dreams of shooting something that I have no idea what, where, or how. And in this effort, I have somehow successfully engaged my mind and creative juices to push myself to its limits and not confine my art to something I started out with.

I've long been hearing about the RAW file format (and its many extensions and types) and wondered what it does and why is it necessary. Testing every bit of Akita, I found out about her capability to use a raw format. Then I thought "What's the fuss about this RAW blah blah anyway?", but then again, I have to try it out myself to see if it's really what most experienced photographers claim as the digital negative. Reading through the forums and wiki, I have been intrigued by the thought of further editing the raw image, controlling the exposure, depth, brightness, contrast, etc. as you would have already done via the camera and converted it to JPEG/TIFF. Since as much as possible, I would want better control over my photos and I guess, I found just the right solution and the new style. Though fairly speaking, I might have to invest on higher capacity memory cards and backups to contain these files.

Most probably, the next photos you'll be seeing on my gallery are from RAW, which would explain this blabbering. As of this moment, there are three things I'm busy with in connection to this. These are LightZone, UFRaw, and the RAW wikis for that matter. I'm wishing this endeavor would be successful as I would have thought. ^_^

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