Monday, January 19, 2009

SILIP Photoshoot

I have been very very busy the past days, mostly figuring out how to start things right and kicking some stress away.

Just last Friday, I was invited by our former school Dean to join a photography club here in La Union and asked us to come on the photoshoot session that will be happening in a few days.  Without knowing anything about the background of the club, I immediately said yes (and I do that "yessing" 80% of the time just so you know).  With these in mind and getting very excited about it, I called my fellow photography enthusiast to come along as well.  

And so the day of blastin' off has come. It was Sunday dawn and it's so ridiculously funny to remember how late I slept the night before and so early to wake up the day of the event.  I just slept 3 hours but I felt no hangs at all.  And so off we went, meeting the other members (which I'm very pleased to), who were so kind and generous.  I soon then realized what the club name SILIP stood for, "Seeing Images of Life in Photography".  Most members were employees of newspapers and tabloids and other journalism companies.  So you could just imagine how huge and drooling their cameras were. It was a long way trip, but the distance didn't seem like it at all, it was like running across the road and there we were.  The itenerary was a bit daunting and surprising at first, but as we went along, I could have wished there was more.

We took photos of sunrise, layers of mountains, leaves, flowers, stones, rivers, bridges, people, and a whole lot more.  What's even more pumping was the thought that we were eight convoy cars in total, rushing the road like a caterpillar. The whole session lasted for how many hours.  Starting from dusk until around 3pm in the afternoon. But I wished there were sunset photos too but sadly, most members have to be home early so we separated ways before the sun could even hide herself.

To sum it up, it was a total success and a super excited trip! It almost felt like a field trip, or did it already? ^_^

This blog post would be better off without the pics but there you go, some pics of the photoshoot.  See them below:


Mall said...

impressive shots, reyn! ganda! :) naku, si mayor ortega hehehe! believe it or not, I broke Mayor Ortega's precious wood figure last year! Nagmeet kami with few artists for the town hall exhibit. Ayun, nasira ung wood figure nya, buti di sya galit sa akin, tawa na tawa sya. naku, kakahiyaaaaa.... :P

reynante said...

Thanks so much, ate Mall. Hehehe! Whoaaaa! Kung ako 'yun, di ko na lam san ako magtatago sa hiya. hahaha! ^_^

Timothy said...

I liked pics 7, 12, 13, 15, 18. Thanks for the news! Sounds like it was a great time! Cheers and God bless, man!

jhoana said...

hey! just learned that silip photography club exists. i was wondering if i could join even if I dont have DSLR cam & practically a newbie