Sunday, March 15, 2009

Memory Loss

Just as I was cleaning up, browsing, and replying on to my deviantART account, I found this user's favorite list and something caught my attention as to the colors and expression, then suddenly I dimmed my vision a bit, tilted my head, moved closer to my screen and did the magical left click on my mouse, only to find out something is indeed familiar! It's my cat image that's in that image! It's actually a mix of some artworks from fellow deviantART artists. But I really can't remember the artist asking permission from me to use my cat image on to this collab image. Nevertheless, I appreaciate it a lot. And I do hope it's not this memory loss thing that's prevailing on me again. ^_^

If you wanted to check out the image, here it is (click to view larger version):

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