Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Art Lesson

First off, before I start rambling about art and my personal growth in terms of this field and animation, I'd like to thank the people behind Animation Mentor even though I didn't get the chance to enroll myself in their courses. At least I've had a great time reading some of the newsletters that came along on my mailbox AND the uber informative Animation Tips and Tricks by Shawn Kelly, to whom my biggest thanks would go to, for being so generous of thoughts and kind enough to give us readers and students some pieces of advice. I really would hope I could meet him someday and ask him to be my mentor for just a couple of hours (which I might probably be using to squeeze what's left on my brain).

Entering animation hasn't been an easy road for me, since I came from no formal background in art and animation for that matter. But I'm very lucky to have landed on a cool and challenging job, with which I learn and hone my skills everyday (which are rudimentary skills to begin with). And just recently, I realized there are INDEED so many things I have yet to learn about art in general, not to mention the plethora of possibilities and opportunities I could have with using Blender alone as my tool. Some or should I say most of these lessons in animation all boil down into something like start simple and climb the ladder one step at a time (if you're the type of artist that I am, not the gifted, genius ones). Quoted from one of Shawn Kelly's articles, "If animation is our mountain range, and the dialogue shot is our Everest, my advice would be to take the time to tackle those rock-climbing walls and the hills outside of town before you try to ascend the highest peak in the art form." Yes, very true. I wouldn't even bother reaching for a goal IMMEDIATELY after just having learned something, I think it's even way enjoyable to feel the journey instead of jumping right in at your destination. Oops, this is sounding more like a preach rather than a blog post already, anyways, I hope I have enlightened some of you with these ramblings.

What was that again? JUST ENJOY LIFE AND BE HAPPY! ^_^

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