Monday, June 1, 2009

Blender Game Engine

As of this time of writing, I never ever thought the BGE (Blender Game Engine) and the Bullet Physics library was capable of complex physics simulations.
Before I realized its hidden and mostly overlooked potential, I thought the BGE was just another rip-off of some other kind of engine, or just to have some tiny bits of extra fun with the 3D app but thinking over those stupid reasons, I was slapped on the face by Blender itself.

Just a few months ago, uhmmmMm, or probably weeks, I came across this physics feat or whatever you call it known as "Ragdoll Physics", with which you simulate body mechanics and physics as related to how real human bodies should react to external collision and forces. I guess too much playing and tinkering around brought about to this suprise. Though I admit it, BGE has played a large role in my growth as a 3D artist since me and my college groupmates got the best thesis award way back two years ago by using it as our engine for our architectural simulation and walkthrough of our school itself. We could have settled for more, but BGE already did its wonder, and unknowingly, we got the hang of it without even understanding how the game engine actually worked and why it would react on certain circumstances. Back then, we were already very pleased with how keyboard-driven actuators would move our camera around and perform unbelievable stunts and looking over those exciting moments, I then realized how we got to overlook the real essence and power of Blender's GE. Ok, back to Ragdoll Physics. I thought Blender couldn't do it or will never. But as far as game engines are concerned and the awesome coders at the BFoundation, IT IS INDEED POSSIBLE. Though I can't really tell you how or why, or probably this post could have the potential of being deleted by none other than me, or it might even be bombarded by opposing crits, as far as what I have read and seen, Ragdoll is possible in Blender.

So what then is my point here? Besides the fact that I am yet again uberly excited by this fact and at the same time too much awed by what is about to happen, I am loving Blender even more! I already embraced it as my one and primary 3D tool for modelling, animation, post-processing, video editing, etc. and I guess now I have made it my personal game engine and physics sim already. Yeah, I know the "Blender Physics Test" I did last time was a bit of a trash and some random test with the GE. But hopefully, within the coming months (or weeks I wish), I could publish some decent sims that I have achieved with BGE.

Ohhhhh man, Blender itself (CG and general 3D concerned) indeed is a lifelong journey and I just got my first footprint on the road.

Thanks for reading, until my next blabbering. ^_^

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Herman said...

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