Friday, March 12, 2010

Top Five Blender Renders

Hi, everyone! I'm back again after a hiatus.  This time though, I won't write something about something I learnt but rather share something I have been very amazed with and kept me inspired and driven on my journey to embracing Blender as my personal favorite in my toolbox.

So here they are, my top five selection of best Blender renders yet (in no particular order):

  1. A Very Little Warrior by Endre Barath (aka Endi)

    Aside from the fact that this piece has such great appeal, texture, and mood, it's almost realtime (as per the artist's description) which might mean a clever use of poly count and texturing techniques we can simply drool over.

    More info can be found here >

  2. Maid San by FEDB

    This piece here is just pure awesomeness.  I have never ever seen anything yet as nearly as great as this one in terms of how it has been delivered and presented, in a "cartoonishy" manner possible.  I've seen very few (if none) manga characters rendered that preserves the true style of the art yet like this one.  It does stay true in its own art form.  Did I say I almost fell in love with this character?

    And just a little more info, it's rigged and fully animatable.  How cool is that? ^_^

    More info here >

  3. Korno by Pablo Vasquez (aka VenomGFX)

    Not only is Pablo a highly respected artist in Blender world but his humility to the community is what makes him even a greater Blenderhead.  This artwork here is just purely crazy, and I meant that literally.  I almost had my jaw on the floor the first time I saw this.  And to think that Pablo's characters are usually (if not all) cuddly cute little creatures, and then out from nowhere he presented this creation which I believe shocked everyone else who has seen it too.

    For further info (and some awesome turntable animation), go here >

  4. Colibri by Giuseppe Albergo (aka MESCH973)

    A painterly photograph shot with a prosumer lenses you say? No.  It's 3d, and it's Blender.

    Seeing just the thumbnail already induces my salivary glands, what more with the high-res version being offered?  Magnificently stunning, I say.

    Check this link for more info >

  5. Blinded by the Star Light Rain by Andy Goralczyk (aka @ndy)

    And finally, to conclude our selection, here's another stunning piece from the renowned Blender artist, Elephant's Dream's Art Director, and Big Buck Bunny's Art Director.  I'm sure there's a wealth more description suited to Andy that I've probably missed.  Without him, I might not be using Blender now.  It was his art that inspired and drove me to continue and move forward with this software, and to believe that it will someday be THE tool that I will use, and so it did.  Dating back, it was his frogly creature that motivated me and from there on, the rest was history.

    This here is a picture of pure skill and art, combined.  No more words could describe this better than visually savoring it until you can.

    Additional info can be found here >

That's it for now and I hope you like my selection.  Next time, I might post my top five best Blender animations.  See ya! ^_^


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smoothie blender said...

I think I have the wrong 'blender' website. Your artwork is fabulous anyway!