Friday, August 20, 2010

Flight Blend File

Hi everyone! Just a few hours ago, somebody asked me to share my material and lighting settings for my video Flight which you can see here >

You can now have a look at the sample blend file I made which contains my material settings, lighting, and a look at my composite noodles.

Grab the file here >


Matt said...

mmm composite noodles

Modok said...

So if I load the .blend file up and click render blender just crashes. I'm not on the best system in the world so I turned off composite, Subsurface Scattering, Envmap, and raytracing and changed the resolution to 720x480 and it still crashes. I'm still getting used to the 2.5 interface, is there something I am missing or is my puny little D630 just not enough to push it?

reynante said...

Modok: Could you try resaving the file in 2.5 with a different name then render again? Then another workaround would be to execute Blender in command line so we could see what's causing the crash.