Tuesday, November 2, 2010

GIMP: Cage-based Free Transform Tool

Thanks to Michael Mure and Google SoC for this wonderful feat!


nathaniel said...

Very cool! One of the few tools I've wanted in GIMP.

shibazz said...

That is so freakin' cool.

One of the big things I don't like about my Gimp work flow opposed to photoshop is the separate tools for scale, rotate and translate. Photoshop does this all quickly with it's transform tool.

It is possible that Gimp has had this tool all along and I never saw it. Can anyone verify?

I was thinking this tool could achieve that effect with four pins, but no this is more like a mesh warp, eh? Still very cool.

sergof said...

A unified transformation tool is planned to be implemented in GIMP. When that happens is not so easy to say as you always need somebody to do the work and the main developers focus on other problems right now. The design for this tool is already done so all it needs is a dedicated and skilled developer.

shibazz said...

Thanks Sergof.

Excited to hear that it is in the works. I hear ya. My sincerest gratitude to all Gimp and other open source developers. You bring power to the people.

I just got a Wacom tablet and installed the Gimp GPS http://code.google.com/p/gps-gimp-paint-studio/ . It's working like a dream. Gimp is awesome!

Until unified transform comes I'll be on the hotkey quickdraw :) Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

It just doesn't work. Not in gimp 2.8 on Windows, anyway. Most of the time, it stretches the image a tiny tiny bit towards where you pulled the cage, maybe 1/10th of the way. And if you make a cage with more than 5 or 6 points, and pull them all, it will start scattering bits of the picture randomly around outside of the cage.