Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Multi-touch Blender 3D

Hi, everyone! I've recently got news from my friend Brett Hartshorn regarding his current Blender project hosted at Kickstarter. The project's name is "Multi-touch Blender 3D". He's taking Blender into another level of "usefulness".

To give your support and to know more about the project, please proceed here > http://kck.st/g50qAA


Anonymous said...

He's going to do all that for $12k? That doesn't sound very realistic... What kind of guarantee will people get that he'll actually finish it if they donate?


Bart (BlenderNation)

Karabao said...

Hi Bart,
Yes, $12k is a tight budget for something that may take one year, but i am betting it won't take that long if most of the code can be generated by meta-programming. The level of guarantee each can measure from my previous work: Pyppet, ctypes libblender, RPython research, and lately the Ogre exporter.