Monday, December 5, 2011

Pyppet2 Update

Pyppet, which was recently updated to version 2 has something new Blenderish (it was from the beginning, right?) to feature.  This tool has been developed by my friend Brett Hartshorn himself.

Here's a video showcasing what he has been updated recently:

Quoting from his post:

The first requirement of this project was to integrate Blender and GTK3 without any compiled Python modules, or modifications to the Blender C source code. To acheive this, only Python and ctypes are used. The GTK3 ctypes wrappers were generated by Rpythonic. GObject Introspection is not used or required.
Rpythonic is also used to generate wrappers to the Blender C API. This allows us to control the Blender main-loop from Python and integrate it with our own custom main-loop

You can head over to his full blog post at


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