Monday, November 17, 2008

First Post

Howdy, everyone! It had been a year already since I first heard of Web Blogging and stuff like this. And so here I am now embarking on a journey which was thought of before but not done and now that I have this opportunity and time, I might as well grab it and give it a go.

SoooOoo, since this is my first post here, I might as well take the time to blabber about anything I want to, wouldn’t I?

To start off, I’d like to say thanks to you for coming over to my blog and (hey!) for having that bit of patience to have even read up to this word you are reading right now. You might probably ask why I made the decision to make a blog, well… Why wouldn’t I? I really am that type who does better in writing than in verbal, yeah, I’m fully aware of that. And often, it crosses my mind to write just about anything that came upon me, just like air that swooshed past my ear.

This blog would serve as a general-purpose blog I might say. From personal journals to graphic arts to technology news and probably even to the oddest of articles that you would ever read! I really love writing, it has been my intellectual and emotional output eversince, at par with my designing hobbies.

So, what else could I say? Just keep updated with my other posts and articles and who knows, you might derive and learn something from them which I’m very positive you would and I would love to.

Thanks so much for the time! ^_^


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