Sunday, November 16, 2008

My First Blogger Blog

Welcome to my very first blogger blog! My name is Reynante Martinez (though I prefer you to just call me “Reyn”) from the humble land of Philippines. I am a freelance graphic artist, illustrator, web designer, 3d modeller, and architectural visualizer. I have been in this field for 4 years already.

Since my early chilhood, I have been amazed by comics, cartoons, textbook illustrations, and the magnificent nature around me. That passion and appreciation was nothing until my parents formally introduced me to school education and that’s where I first learned that these interests of mine was actually possible to express, though probably that realization happened in the later parts of my life though. And it was only in my late elementary education that I was able to see and actually touch a computer and since then my world became very different. When I stepped on to high school, I have no definite plans with my life yet, not until I entered college, where everything seemed real to me already, the people, the places, and the world in which I live in. And that’s the time when I started setting my ambitions, goals, and dreams.

I have been a self-taught artist and haven’t had a formal education with the arts, though that didn’t hinder me from developing my skills, as a matter of fact it even strengthened me. And there’s one thing I’m very sure of and will always be, I will become a lifetime student, learning from life itself.

And from then on up to this time of writing, I have made great changes to my life and to others as well where happiness above anything else matters to me.

From this day on, this blog would probably be my everyday journal, sharing with each and everyone my experiences and hoping you could learn something from them. And as far as I have thought of yet, I’d probably be writing articles about atheism, digital art, 3D, Blender, GIMP, movies, technology news, tutorials, and of course I wouldn’t miss my personal life.

You can visit my online gallery at

So, welcome! And I’m hoping you’d have a great time! ^_^


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