Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Friendster System Error

Friendster, one of the world's largest social networking sites, which is based on the Circle of Friends and Web of Friends technique, has been recently acting abnormally.  Trying to visit the website via the entry "friendster.com" just doesn't do the trick, and explicitly adding the "www" prefix making it "www.friendster.com" would lead you either to a System Maintenance Apology page or to the main site of Friendster.

Though I might admit, I'm not an active member of the social site, I just visit there to read up messages and accept/reject friendly invitations and seldom post bulletins which are rarely related whatsoever to the site and those related with it.  Second from the last time I checked, I have my list of friends deleted.  One member even sent me a personal message telling me how pissed off she was that all of her hundreds of friends just went out like that, and all that hardwork and sacrifice she put into it just went into waste.  But with that in mind, it is still plain annoying, to make you wonder what had happened internally.  Is there a system bug? Was it cracked? Are they upgrading? I don't know.  What I'm pretty aware of is it isn't nice to encounter such things.

Yes, I'm pretty much aware it has grown immensely, since it had been introduced back in 2002, I think.  Most especially here in the Philippines where almost every internet surfer has his own account, from young kids to old adults, name them.

Just minutes ago, I checked in and the site is already fine.  It's already responding fast, layout is back to normal, and my friends list have been restored.  I wish the next time something like this happen, Friendster should let us know, probably just a simple text page on their address would be fine.

Whew.  Back to normal.  Thanks. ^_^

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