Monday, November 17, 2008

The Relaxing Beach

I just got home from the place I would swear would always have me fresh-minded, light, realistic, and calm. The place I wish would be my home. It is the beach and the soothing waters and waves that ripple on the soft sands. I went there with my girlfriend and every moment spent was all worth it. We walked, laughed, basked under the sun, played with the crabs, threw sand balls (I did), and of course wistfully thought time would just stop and let us be.

The beach is one of the places I feel very comfortable with, where I could just lie and dream. I see the colorful sky instead of the busy street, I smell the fresh air instead of the choking smoke, and I feel the sea breeze instead of the scorching heat. If I remember it right, it was where I learnt to walk when I was a child, that could probably explain my affinity with the sea. Since that day on, I craved for that same sensation which I felt back then. When I am sad and lonely, it’s the only place I feel most contented with. And when I’m happy, it’s the place I feel even happier with. No matter how I struggle to describe the feeling, I simply just can’t put it in words yet.

Lying on the sand beside my girlfriend a while back, we thought of nothing but each other and the great space we are living in. We looked above the sky and there we saw Einstein’s face looking back at us, a cat’s face on side view, a strange man’s face, and a dragon breathing out balls of flame just when the sun was setting. And everything felt even better when the sun started to wave goodbye and the golden moment as we know it had appeared, glaring the clouds with fantastic linings and images of intricate designs and magnificence. When darkness had already set and the sun was nowhere in sight, there came another beauty, the beauty that came from the sparkling stars and their reflection on the rippling waters of the sea and the the lights illuminated from the fishermen’s lamps. We waved goodbye and walked away, back to the regular lives we were living.

I’m hoping we could come back again there. Until the next time I see you, lovely beach.

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