Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chang Kai Shek Blender Workshop

Last November 29 I held a workshop for the students of Chang Kai Shek College in Manila, Philippines. I covered topics from the most basic (interface, 3D view manipulation, primitives, etc.) to some intermediate ones like character modelling, rigging, skinning, and character animation.

I started out with an introduction to Blender and it's current development state with a film viewing of Elephant's Dream just to give them an idea on what Blender can produce at the time. The workshop lasted for 3 hours, half of which were done with hands-on in Blender and the other on theoretical discussions. During every topic, I showed them some of the animations I did with regards to what I'm currently discussing. And lastly, to wrap things up and to conclude the workshop, we watched Big Buck Bunny.

It was so much fun teaching the students of Chang Kai Shek! Not only are they very attentive, but they catch up easily to what I was trying to discuss.

Below are the photos of the said workshop:

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