Friday, December 12, 2008

Cloth Simulation and Particle Interaction Test with Blender

Whew! What a very lengthy title, yay! ^_^

I was doodling around with Blender last night, reviewing Blender out of boredom.  Things like cloth simulation, particle interaction, forces, node editing, and sequence editing. Below you can see the animation, image strips, and my final scene setup inside Blender.


Low quality (faster loading):

High quality (slower loading):

Images (click to enlarge):

Scene setup (click to enlarge):


The Siraniks said...

gumamit ka ng particles, soft cloth, and wind noh?

galing ng demonstration, ahm matanong ko lang panu ba gamitin ang nodes? di ko alam kasi kung ano meaning nung ibang terms and kelan at paano gamitin.

hehe... tips lang po pwede?

reynante said...

The Siraniks: Yup, particles, cloth, and wind indeed. ^_^

Nodes or more commonly referred to as Noodle System in Blender is a very useful tool when you're after post production, pre release editing, mood adjustments, and just anything you can think of that you can do inside of Blender in terms of material settings and render options. You can separately edit reflections, shadows, specularity, textures, etc. on a finer detail and more constructive way.

Here are some links you might find useful:

The Siraniks said...

Thanks for the info reyn.