Sunday, December 21, 2008

Google Sketchup and Wine

Last year, I stumbled upon another free 3d application while browsing over randomly, looking for other Blender-like software that does the same, Google Sketchup. Though I would rarely use other 3d application other than Blender, this case is different. Since I would really would want to indulge myself into architectural designs and have been very interested with it since I entered 3D design, I might as well give it a try.

Reading through several comments and forum discussions, I guess there's no stopping for now, I have to learn what I have to. And I found out it's fast, lightweight, and just so easy to use. So the learning curve wouldn't be that steep as learning any other 3d app for that matter. And then again, I'd be stressing the "free application" phrase since I wouldn't want to violate some rights and my personal mindset.

My workflow would probably be to model the general shape and structure of a building, house, object, etc. and then import it over in Blender for further tweaking. It wouldn't hurt to try new things, would it? 

But since I'm running Ubuntu on my machine right now, I might as well emulate the app on my currently running OS as though it was running on Windows, and for that I'll be using WINE.  So there goes, wish me luck and more fun! ^_^


Dan Kegel said...

Should work fine if you have a recent Nvidia chip in your computer, and you're using wine-1.1.11. You may need to change a registry setting to get it to admit your graphics hardware is ok.

See for more info, and let us know how it goes.

reynante said...

Thanks so much, Dan. However, I did manage to fix a few problems with Sketchup running under Wine a day ago. ^_^

Thanks so much. ^_^