Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ubuntu 8.10 Ethernet Problem [SOLVED]

It has been two days of continuous suffering, frustration, and an almost given up struggle on fixing a problem that I have very little knowledge on how to provide a solution. Just recently, I decided on switching over to Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex (for reasons I could probably be writing on another blog post), everything went well, from partitioning, installation, to boot loading... YET one of the most important features was missing: MY INTERNET CONNECTION, FTW! The problem begins after booting Ubuntu over in a partitioned hard disk, where normally the Ethernet LED would light up just when an OS was loaded, but to my surprise, after Ubuntu has been loaded, the LED suddenly turns off, and I really don't have an idea why.  I feared there might be a conflict with the distro and my ethernet card, or any other component that's responsible for my internet connection for that matter.  I've googled around my way on the vast world wide web and to my disappointment, found nothing but pure gibberish and technical specs (which I have knowledge of, but not quite) that haven't so far given me solutions.

And just when I was at the verge of deleting this OS, and trying out other Linux distro (which I would suspect be having the same problem), I tried once more to google my way around, indicating the most specific keywords possible.  This time, I really did specify everything.  So I did "ubuntu 8.10 realtek 8139 ethernet not working", and voila, just on the top of the list are links which doubtedly made sense, yet felt so uninspiring to me.  But well, it's something or nothing, so I did check out those sites and finally, yes FINALLY, there's the solution to my problem. I found out it's not Ubuntu that's making this wrong, but it's the chip settings themselves, or probably the setting which Windows initially did after plugging itself on to my system.

Just in case you wanted to know how I did solve the problem with my ethernet connection under Ubuntu, please pay a visit to both of these sites:


garuhhh said...

hi reyn! welcome to ubuntu :)
by the way, are you on a laptop?

ragingmon said...

reading through the links you gave.
never thought windows does this on shutdown. not to say that it'll distract some parts of a dual boot system..

good find!! :D

reynante said...

garuhhh: i'm on a desktop. ^_^

ragingmon: Thanks, dude.