Friday, September 25, 2009

Blender Problem Solved!

It really is a nice and gratifying sensation whenever I solve problems on my own, after hours and hours (minutes and minutes in my case) of frustration and not having to ask or pester anybody for help.

I've experienced this problem just now, on a recent project we've been working on.  I can't seem to see what the error was since Blender's console isn't showing anything (or I don't have the bit of that second to see what had been wrong) after Blender crashes and just fades out to nothingness.  I have been doing *lots* of static particles lately for our scene (bushes, grass, grouped instances, etc.) with several collision objects.  What I didn't know (or was assuming I already know now) was that Blender's interface redraws these static particles at some point (or probably recalculates the collision) after having an interference with the main UI (as of Blender 2.49) where the Blender's main window just freezes while you render.  This, in turn, when the Render Window (or Image Editor or wherever the render is going on) is removed and we're back to the normal Blender Window, it just crashes! It might be a memory overload of some sort with Blender trying to recalculate or redraw the particles as fast as it could as if it was realtime therefore probably causing an overload on the system.  I tested this crashing both on WinXP and Ubuntu 8.10.

The solution I made was to turn off the realtime viewing of the particles.  It's like telling Blender: "Ok, don't redraw it then."  And voila, it works now!  I'm sorry I can't explain myself clearly now or even technically.

Anyways, I'm so happy it worked! ^_^

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Spritfire said...

Have the same problem but with the newest version 2.57b
Could you tell me again what you did exactly to fix this?
I have set up a text mesh emitting particles from it/ explode modifier!
When I try to render the animation, blender crashes after like 50-70 frames... It appears a windows message: blender doesn't work anymore!
Would be awesome if you could help!