Saturday, September 26, 2009


Howdy, everyone! Here's my latest Blender animation test titled "Fission".  Just some doodle I did with particle physics.  Greatly inspired by Daniel (you can see his Youtube videos at

Made with Blender and GIMP.
Sound effects from


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Any chance you could share the node setup?

Whimsy Collective said...

Hi Reyn, I saw Nion's tut but it doesn't translate well into Blender 2.5.

Could I see your .blend?

reynante said...

Whimsy: I wish I could. I just recovered from a total system wipeout. And all my previous files were lost (including the .blend file of this). But through searching, I have found an available .blend file in the forum.

Check this out >

Whimsy Collective said...

Thanks I saw that one awhile back.

It's terrible that Particles Attribute isn't available in blender 2.5 yet. I followed Nion's brief tut but it's a bit tricky as he glances through and we don't see the settings exactly. Overall I get the idea.

Whimsy Collective said...

I posted my comment about what's broken in 2.5

reynante said...

Whimsy: I'll try and tinker around with this effect in 2.5. I might also include it in part 2 of my intro to particle article. I'll let you know 'till then.

Whimsy Collective said...

To follow up on what I've posted in blenderartists PAttr.

I guess we're yet to hear from Jahka's updates about his "texture controlled emission (disintegrate effect)"

I know the reactor is still missing in the 2.5 builds(?).

Whimsy Collective said...

An update!

Text dissolve in Blender 2.5

You'll see my (whimsycoll) comments connecting he related topics.

reynante said...

Whimsy Collective: Nice find! I'm digging into it now. ^_^