Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blender 2.5 Test: Color Grading

I never thought color grading was this frustrating but really satisfying once you get things right. I tried my luck with color grading inside Blender 2.5's compositor and here's what I got. It really isn't final yet (really wasn't), but I just wanted to know what you guys think. By the way, the girl on the photo is my girlfriend and I have her permission to post it here. ^_^

I was trying to achieve a somewhat sinister/gloomy feel here, I hope I got it right. ^_^

P.S. Thanks to Fran├žois Tarlier for some tips.

And here's the node setup:



Virgilio said...

Hi, Reyn! :)

I like the colors and mood you got, but I miss the details from the original picture. Maybe the blur node is influencing too much?


reynante said...

Virgilio: Yeah, you're right. It must have been the blur node and the high contrast that has washed the details away.

Thanks for the kind comment, Virgilio.


Joao said...


Nice tutorial. I tried it out and got nice still renders. Now, I hope you can give me a hand, I am having problems rendering the video. I have a long sequence, 2000+ frames, and used the same nodal setup that you showed us here. Blender will crash on me everytime I try to export it to either JPG, PNG, AVI, etc, no matter what I do still crashes. My system is an 8 core Xeon E5405 workstation with 4GB RAM. I also tried it out in a couple different computers and got the same problems, Blender became unstable and crashes to desktop. I am lost now, this is the best color grading software for free but I find myself unable to use it. I would apreciate your help a lot, and I am sure others who are having the same issue could benefit if you know what the problem may be. Sorry for the long post. Thanks for your blog!

reynante said...

Hi, Joao! Thanks for the comment. I couldn't really determine your problem first hand. Could you show me a screenshot of your setup just so I could dissect the problem?