Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blender 2.5 Test: Smoke Explosion

My first published Blender 2.5 Smoke test.

Now that I look on it on a farther perspective, I wish I could have done some things a little bit more "proper". But due to rendering constraints, I guess I'll call this done for now and am very happy I have learnt many things about Blender 2.5's Smoke Sim.

The issues in this test right now are:
- particle jitters
- over occlusion
- raytraced shadow errors
- not so high smoke resolution (computing power?)
- lack of additional debris
- lack of mesh volume collision
- volume light absorption

P.S. Sorry for the darkening. Must have been the codec I used. :(

1 comment:

motorsep said...

Nice animation. Any plans on releasing .blend file or short tutorial?