Saturday, November 20, 2010

Adult Rush

I am still attempting to give life to my wooden persona. And if I do it successfully, I'll let the whole world know.

This is a picture of how torn and driven into time most adults are (personal inclusion subjective). They tend to catch up to time too much where time is only but a figment of his imagination.


shibazz said...

That image is awesome. Is it a blender render?

You wouldn't want to share that model would you? :)

I have a cool short film idea I wanted to do using wooden armatures.

reynante said...

Thanks, Shibazz. Nope, it's a photograph. :)

shibazz said...

Very cool.

Some Gimp processing for blur and clone out post, or you through him lol

reynante said...

Actually, it's all photographed. No fancy processing. I had my shutter speed for about a second here.