Tuesday, November 23, 2010

(repost) Happiness and Being Happy

WARNING: Non-Blender and non-GIMP related.

Here's a repost of a previous writing I did dating back two years ago (2008-Nov-18). I just thought I'd share it with everyone.

“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.” -Albert Camus

There had been times in our lives where we have often asked questions and searched for answers that had baffled us for some reason or so. Questions like: “Why was I born?”, “Am I happy?”, “What will I do next?”, and so on and so forth. Yet finding answers to these infinite questions would probably take a lifetime commitment, aging through the years that us by.

Happiness is indeed a very subjective factor in one’s life, by that, I mean it greatly varies from a person’s perception to another. One might feel joyed basking under the sun while the other individual might feel annoyed and irritated by it. It is a personal bias, admit it or not. We can’t blame others for what choices they make or for what their actions have caused them and the people around them. Though sometimes, these leads to a clash of ideas, a rumble of thoughts, a chaotic environment, and worse, it might eventually lead to war. Opinions are opinions, they can never be wrong.

Some people, or even most that I have known so far, are struggling too hard in search of happiness and satisfaction. What they couldn’t see (that I probably hadn’t too years ago) is that in the process of searching, they lower the chances, if there are, of attaining this goal. In the 22 years of existence on planet earth, I’ve learnt that when we crave too much of what we can actually have, we become nothing, we blend ourselves with the void, engulfing our tiny hearts into non-existence. It all comes naturally. Be contented with what you currently have and don’t complain too much with these things, because the more you whine, the more you fail.

Life has, in it’s mere sense, has but one meaning, it’s HAPPINESS. Just like a how a kid would have perceived this lovely world we live in. Give him something to play with and he’s fine, he doesn’t complain. Touch him in the nose and he grins. Smile at him and he smiles back at you. Hug him and you feel a real human warmth. Live like a child, learn like a child.

Why do we want to get high grades at school? Because our parents wanted us to, because we want to impress our classmates, because we just have to, because we wanted to get a good job in the future, we wanted to be rich, we wanted to help those who are in need, and for some other reasons you could think of. But above all these reasons, digging down deep on it, it’s because we wanted to be happy. Think about it.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” - Albert Schweitzer

I might not have stressed it so far how important it is to be happy. Just reading this post might have deprived you of it already. I’ve often been into situations where I my deciding capacity has went too down on a level I couldn’t already weigh, made decisions that have hurt other people, and walked on paths where others haven’t. And it all boils down to what I am right now, a happy and contented person.

If you have a problem, take time to find solutions to it, don’t rush in or it will give birth to even bigger problems. Take a deep breath, relax. And think before you do. If there’s something that makes you unhappy now and tomorrow, get rid of it. And finally, if there’s someone hindering you from this endeavor, pulling you down all the way, talk it over, because I believe it makes him happy now but not tomorrow. Don’t let others tell you what to do because they don’t have any idea what you went through and what your precise plans in life are, and most likely, they don’t even know what you’re thinking right now. You decide on your present and future, you alone.

There are no secrets to happiness, just happiness. ^_^

All that we have thought of so far during the entirety of our lives might not still be well justified by what we have decided to be during the past, but that doesn’t matter. Happiness is not a means to an end. It’s an end. Earning lots of money, having your own company, marrying your partner, achieving your set goals, forgiving those who have made your life miserable, getting over heartaches, etc. are the MEANS TO HAPPINESS. And the rest of your life story depends on you.

Good luck on life’s journey. ^_^

It is not making a living. It’s living a life. -Reyn


Anonymous said...

Mientras haya una sociedad piramidal no podrá haber felicidad. Yo no soy feliz sabiendo que hay niños muriendose de estupidas enfermedades o hambre.
Felicidad es cuando cada uno puede hacer lo que quiere realmente hacer y no lo que se ve obligado a hacer por las circunstancias.
Sin un cambio de sociedad no se solucionarán los problemas. La gente debe despertar y dejar de votar a los dos principales partidos. Vota a terceros partidos y empezara a gobernarnos gente que de verdad quiere que esto cambie.

Alex Carby said...

Excellent read here Reyn, very stirring. I myself have been a complainer and critic, I find I am happiest when I'm with friends or working on art/projects. It's looking back (usually critically) or worrying about the future that has been most pointless.