Friday, May 20, 2011

Do You Want a 'Making Of' of Slumber?

Hi! After reading the comments in my previous post (, I felt so inspired to write another blog post, however unrelated to the previous one in some ways.

I have been exchanging emails with my friend Miguel Lebron from Germany for a couple of months now. And he recently suggested something cool (I guess?) - to create a tutorial or some sort of 'making of' of my not-so-old artwork and camera-animated animation titled "Slumber".

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Or you can visit these video pages if you want to:

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But I currently am struggling with some free time to do so. That's why I need your feedback and let me know if you want me to make one and if I see that most of you agrees, I'll squeeze in some time and make one.


Garrett said...

I would definitely enjoy seeing how you did that sometime.

yonder said...

Definetely such a good idea ! I'd really like to see it ! THX

yonder said...

Definetely such a nice idea ! I'd really like to see it ! Thx