Friday, July 22, 2011

Blender 2.59 Splash Contest

It's this Blender time again where the Blender community is calling to artists to put their best work forward to be selected as Blender's splash screen. Do you want to see your own artwork seen every time you fire up your app? Now is your chance.

Due to my queer absence lately from my mailbox, updates, and such, I only got the chance to view whatever I could a few hours ago. I recently got a mail from Ton Roosendaal himself that I've been chosen as one of the judges for the Blender 2.59 Splash Contest (read it 2 days later), alongside Ben Simonds and Hjalti Hjálmarsson. As of this writing, there were already amazing submissions on the thread at BlenderArtists and the visual decision toughness gets more and more. I've already a few criteria in mind. Wish us luck! ;)

Check this thread at BlenderArtists to read the rules and participate:

This serves as a call to all Blenderheads. Come and take the challenge. As of this moment, it's slowly becoming clear that we'll have a tough time choosing who will make it to the splash.

Good luck!


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