Friday, July 22, 2011

2011 48 Hour Film Project Commencing!

It's this time of year again (why do I keep saying this?) and the Richmond 48 Hour Film Project is back.  This time, to shake again the film-making industry, with a bit of twist.

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Led by some guys crazier than me, we as part of the Hand Turkey Studios is joining in this blast! I will be joining in as one of the artists from Team International, including Blender personalities like Bassam Kurdali, Sebastian Koenig, and Jonathan Williamson to name a few.  Kudos to Jason Van Gumster for organizing the team and giving us something to deviate from our own sanities.

Below is a link to the blog post from Jason Van Gumster himself:

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Preeti said...

We're excited to announce the India chapter of the 48HFP World Tour ... Delhi in Sept. and Mumbai in Nov. 2011! Looking forward to some great stuff here... see our 2010 films...